What gives me the right!

I woke up this morning and found myself looking at the parts of my body that I hate. My legs, hips, bum, belly and face. My ‘monster buddy’ was saying how fat and ugly they are. Then something changed. I started to correct myself and say I’m human. These are my human parts and they are unique to me. Who am I to decide what is ugly and fat in this world. 

Who decides what is ugly?

Deciding whether something is ugly or beautiful is a personal choice. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? So next time you look at yourself and your monster buddy tells you that you are fat, ugly or some other mean thought remember you are human but you are a unique human. 

Kate Huffman took us through a video yesterday which shows women’s body standards over the years. It was enlightening and at the same time surprising. The surprise for me was seeing some ‘normal’ “plus size” shaped bodies. So many of us have this ideal in our minds that we believe has been everybodies ideal throughout time but this is not the case.

Today I went for a walk and took some photos of trees to highlight in a different way that no two of us are the same. We all have our differences just like these trees we are allowed to be different shapes and sizes. This makes us the people we are today. How we look is only a small part of us. Our human bodies store our true selves, our personality, our beliefs, our experiences good and bad. Everything that has happened to us in life has led us to this day. Our human bodies deserve to just be. If we work on our monster buddies we will soon accept our bodies for what they are and feel the freedom to live our lives without judgement. 

No tree is the same, neither are we!

The Body Story Tree

I started to think about Kate’s course from yesterday and the body story tree/flower. Like Kate I have a thing for trees. Ever since I started my journey to find my voice I have become attached to the tree of life and what it means to me. 

The Body Story Tree made me really think. Every part of me is unique! 

I have an identical twin sister. Although we were born as identical twins (developed from the same fertilised egg) we do not look identical any more. My sister has always been thinner than me and has always looked more feminine. This is because we are individuals who have different tastes and live our lives in different ways. 

For so long I have compared myself to my sister because I have seen her body shape and appearance as better than my own. The pressure has been there to look the same because we are twins. People forget that we are individuals.

We have our own shape and size which is unique. We also have our own struggles with our body shapes and sizes. 

Somebody’s size and shape does not mean that they are not struggling with how they look. Our demons are inside us, as Kate says these are our ‘Monster Buddies’.

I’m not going to say that I am fixed now after two sessions but I have learnt a lot. I can now work with that and I know I will pick up more from the next session. 

Here is my body story tree