Mexico Street by Simone Buchholz

MEXICO STREET by Simone Buchholz

Thank you Anne Cater of Random Things Through My Letterbox for the opportunity to review Mexico Street and take part in the #BlogTour. Many thanks to Karen Sullivan of Orenda Books for publishing this thought provoking and heartbreaking novel. Last but certainly not least, thank you to Simone Buchholz for taking me into a different world of crime.

The Book

Hamburg state prosecutor Chastity Riley investigates a series of arson attacks on cars across the city, which leads her to a startling and life-threatening discovery involving criminal gangs and a very illicit love story…

Night after night, cars are set alight across the German city of Hamburg, with no obvious pattern, no explanation and no suspect. 

Until, one night, on Mexico Street, a ghetto of high-rise blocks in the north of the city, a Fiat is torched. Only this car isn’t empty. The body of Nouri Saroukhan – prodigal son of the Bremen clan – is soon discovered, and the case becomes a homicide.

Public prosecutor Chastity Riley is handed the investigation, which takes her deep into a criminal underground that snakes beneath the whole of Germany. And as details of Nouri’s background, including an illicit relationship with the mysterious Aliza, emerge, it becomes clear that these are not random attacks, and there are more on the cards… 

My Thoughts

Mexico Street had my mind going all over the place. Fearing for the lives of Aliza & Nouri not knowing where they would be safe and who they should be running from. Things seem to be going right for Nouri but that doesn’t last.

With Nouri found dead in a burnt out car Chastity Riley, the public prosecutor, is given the case but doesn’t find it easy. The criminal underworld is vast and the deals made between the Saroukhan and Anteli families only go on to add fuel to the fire.

Simone Buchholz gives her characters life….. and death! I love Aliza’s strength knowing that she doesn’t want to be sold on to live a life of control, violence and rape and getting away whilst she can. 

I’m starting to be that person myself!

Although she is a public prosecutor Chastity gets deeply involved in the investigation, going wherever it takes her even if that means putting her life in danger. With her own personal problems she has decisions to make: will she find love with an old flame or head for new adventures!?!

This is the first Chastity Riley crime novel I have read and I won’t be leaving the rest on the shelves. The way Simone Buchholz writes make me as the reader feel like I am having an adrenaline rush. Mexico Street is thougtht provoking briefly telling the story of Melika, Aliza’s sister, being sold.

Mexico Street has something for all crime readers. It will keep you turning the pages wondering what on earth will happen next. A spectacular novel you won’t want to put down.

Thank you Simone

The Author

Simone Buchholz was born in Hanau in 1972. At university, she studied Philosophy and Literature, worked as a waitress and a columnist, and trained to be a journalist at the prestigious Henri-Nannen-School in Hamburg. In 2016, Simone Buchholz was awarded the Crime Cologne Award as well as runner-up in the German Crime Fiction Prize for Blue Night, which was number one on the KrimiZEIT Best of Crime List for months. She lives in Sankt Pauli, in the heart of Hamburg, with her husband and son.

Mexico Street was published on 5 March 2020 by Orenda Books. To find out where you can get a copy go to Orenda Books

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