The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn

The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn

Recently my niece sent me The Woman in the Window by A J Finn. I haven’t read any of his books before but I was reassured that I would love this one. 

The Book

What did she see?

It’s been ten months since Anna Fox last left her home. Ten months
 during which she has haunted the rooms of her old New York house,
 lost in her memories, too terrified to step outside.

Anna’s lifeline to the real world is her window, where she sits
 watching her neighbours. When the Russells move in, Anna is
 instantly drawn to them. A picture-perfect family, they are an echo
the life that was once hers.

But one evening, a scream rips across the silence, and Anna
 witnesses something horrifying. Now she must uncover the truth
 about what really happened. But if she does, will anyone believe her? 
And can she even trust herself?

My Thoughts

Talk about gripping! 

I would not want to be in Anna’s shoes. It is hard enough that nobody believes her but then she starts doubting herself. Is she going mad? Is it the meds? Is it the drink? There is only one way to find out the truth and that requires her to step out of her comfort zone literally. Can she do it? 

Anna’s character really kept me turning those pages. I had no idea that one person could go through so much. A.J. Finn really puts you there in the house, in the neighbourhood. 

The best kind of books are those that make you react whether with a sudden intake of breath, a gasp of NO, tears and or anger without you even realising it. This is one of those books!

Every chapter, and there are 100 of them, has something in it which keeps you wondering what on earth can happen next. 

If you haven’t guessed I really enjoyed The Woman in the Window and will be looking out for more of A.J.Finn. 

I recommend this to anyone who loves a good thriller with a twist.

The Author

A. J. FINN lived in England for many years before returning to his native New York. His debut novel, The Woman in the Window, has been published in more than forty languages and sold millions of copies worldwide.

Blood Red City by Rod Reynolds

Blood Red City by Rod Reynolds

Thank you Anne Cater for the invite to read and review Blood Red City by Rod Reynolds. Due to personal reasons I was unable to participate at the time of the blog tour but I will always review. 

Karen Sullivan has found another cracker in Rod Reynolds. As always thank you to Karen for finding another awesome author. My wishlist of books increases every time I read something published by Orenda Books. 

Rod what can I say, Blood Red City kept me on the edge of my seat. To say it was gripping feels like an understatement! Thank you.

The Book

When crusading journalist Lydia Wright is sent a video of an 
apparent murder on a London train, she thinks she’s found the story to revive her career. But she can’t find a victim, much 
less the killers, and the only witness has disappeared. Wary 
she’s fallen for fake news, she begins to doubt her instincts 
– until a sinister call suggests that she’s not the only one interested in the crime.

Michael Stringer deals in information – and doesn’t care which 
side of the law he finds himself on. But the murder on the 
train has left him exposed, and now he’ll stop at nothing to 
discover what Lydia knows. 

When their paths collide, Lydia finds the story leads through 
a nightmare world, where money, power and politics intersect
…. and information is the only thing more dangerous than a 

My Thoughts

Rod Reynolds has hit the nail on the head with his characters. The story starting with Lydia Wright and her investigation of a possible murder is written so well and draws you not only into the excitement of a big breakthrough story for her but also the dangerous situations that she gets into. Lydia is a determined journalist in a relationship which puts her under pressure at work but is she going to listen? 

I love that Lydia keeps going no matter what. Her job, her life and her sanity may be on the line but she keeps on going until the end. This isn’t just about the story for her, it’s about so much more. 

I wasn’t sure what to make of Michael Stringer initially. Is he going to be a good guy or a bad guy? Whilst carrying out his own work he finds himself drawn to Lydia. She has what he needs and he needs to get it soon. Michael is sometimes the guy you want around but he can also be someone so dangerous.

I can see this book made into a film or short TV series. It has everything that is needed. The plot, it commands your attention and has the back stories which draw at your emotions. 

Blood Red City is a must read for any crime thriller reader and for those wanting to try something new. This is definitely a book I will be recommending.

The Author

Rod Reynolds is the author of four novels, including the Charlie Yates series. His 2015 debut, The Dark Inside, was longlisted for the CWA New Blood Dagger, and was followed by Black Night Falling (2016) and Cold Desert Sky (2018); The Guardian have called the books ‘Pitch-perfect American noir.’ A lifelong Londoner, in 2020 Orenda Books have published his first novel set in his hometown, Blood Red City. Rod previously worked in advertising as a media buyer, and holds an MA in novel writing from City University London. Rod lives with his wife and family and spends most of his time trying to keep up with his two young daughters.

Blood Red City was published in ebook on 11 April 2020 and paperback on 23 July 2020 by Orenda Books. Find out where you can buy your copy, go to Orenda Books or any good book shop.