Have you ever felt loneliness

Have you ever felt loneliness which tears you apart
Making your heart sink and break
Holding on to that frog in your throat
Desperately trying not to cry

Have you ever felt loneliness which takes you back in time
You curl up like a baby
Rocking back and forth
You feel like a child yet you are not

Have you ever felt loneliness you can’t escape
It follows you everywhere
It doesn’t care where you are in life
It’s there and you just can’t shift it

Have you ever felt loneliness that drives you mad
You don’t know if you want to cry
You don’t know if you want to scream
All you want is for the feeling to stop

Have you ever felt loneliness where you have had enough
Today it is just too much
Today could be the decider
Today could be the last day

Have you ever felt loneliness and think nobody cares
You want to contact someone but you don’t want to be a burden
You want to tell someone but not sure you will be heard
You want to tell someone about the thoughts in your head

I have felt loneliness deep inside
I have felt loneliness that drives me mad
I have felt loneliness that could kill
I feel loneliness more than I will ever admit

Survivor I Am!

Survivor I Am!

Need to talk
It’s eating at me
Can’t breathe
Body so tense
Memories inside
Controlling my mind
Need to break free
From demons in me
Heart racing
Body shaking
Mind freezing
Struggling to breathe
Found my voice
Not an easy task
Begin a journey
Life will last
Exhausted now
Time for calm
Victim I’m not
Survivor I am

Finding My Voice

This is a journey I wish I didn’t need to take
It’s now or never before I break
It’s tougher than I thought it would be
Speaking out – the hidden truth about me

Finding my voice
I feel is no choice
No longer just existing
My thoughts demisting

One word at a time will help me through
My journey of life I will pursue
I will survive
My choice to thrive

Finding my voice
I feel is no choice
I choose to live
To one day forgive

Is it MS?

In 2008 I was tested for you
Poked and prodded through and through
MRI, lumber puncture and more
Whilst I was fighting my own war

One lesion you said not enough to tell
How frustrated I was I could yell and yell
All I wanted was to know
But back to limbo land I had to go

Eight years on I’m back again
To have the tests I had back then
The wait is unbearable from time to time
What is happening to this body of mine

So bring it on the time has come
For me to be braver than some
Is it MS nobody knows
Let’s find out and bring limbo land to a close


I lay here all alone
thinking of what I could have done
I knew something wasn’t right
I wish I had had the will to fight

She can’t hurt you anymore
Of that I am very sure
She can try and try with all her might
I will always be there and I will fight

It feels so good to have you back
Keep looking for the light through the crack
We will find it together of that be sure
Then you can close that ugly door

Start a new life for yourself
I will always be there if you need some help
Dad I love you more than words can say
I hate to see you in this way

Take my hand and I will guide you through
This journey will be bright and new

I love you dad more than words can say
Let’s forget the past and start a brand new day.

Dream come true

I wake up in the morning – Thinking of you
My lungs fill with air – I breathe for you
I walk through life – Every step closer to you
My heart beats – I live to be with you
I hold out my hand – Our lives as one
You take my hand – I am complete
My dream come true.

Sublime love

I sit here alone thinking of you
My heart aching this is all so new
This is it; this is love
A love that we are both worthy of

It has now begun
The time has come
In public as friends
But in our hearts it never ends

One day at a time
Our love so divine
We will be together
A life so sublime