My Human Body

For as long as I can remember I have had problems accepting my body. It didn’t matter whether I had lost weight or put weight on I didn’t truly accept my body or feel comfortable in it. 

Recently a friend of mine, Judith Staff, recommended a group on Facebook called Body Positivity for People with Bodies by Kate Huffman. When I first joined the group I saw that I had missed an online Facebook challenge so I asked if there would be another. Lo and behold another Live Facebook challenge called Love Your Body – Kick More Booty was set to start.

I signed up immediately. If Judith thinks it is great then that is all the recommendation I need. Judith knows about my history. She knows some of what I have been through and how difficult it is to accept a body that has been violated for your entire life. 

Kate advertised the Love Your Body – Kick More Booty Live Facebook challenge which was three days of 1 hour training with a challenge at the end of each one. 

The first session had me hooked. This isn’t another weight loss programme. This is a way of accepting your body how it is and going through a taster of how we can work on becoming someone that loves our bodies no matter what shape or size. 

Kate Huffman isn’t just delivering this training, she has lived it! Having fought anorexia and being knocked back by a diagnosis of Lymes disease Kate accepts her body knowing that it is human.

With everything I have been through in my life it is a given that I have signed up for Kate’s 8 week Body Positivity course. It is worth every penny.

The course started on 12 August. Watch this space! I will be blogging about my progress so far very soon.

Feel free to read my blogs under Body Positive and sign up to my site to get further updates. You can also see how the free three day challenge went. 

I’m so excited about this!

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