Day Two: Finding myself beneath food and alcohol!

A working day always makes things a little easier by taking my mind off of things. So for the majority of today I have been absolutely fine and have felt positive. 

There was a challenge to encounter though. I needed to go shopping for my mum. She gave me a list and I stuck to it. I won’t say I wasn’t tempted but I did it. I shopped for food and didn’t buy anything for me to binge on and didn’t buy any alcohol. That in my book is a raving success. 

I did get some bad news when dropping my mum’s shopping off. She had an angina attack at midnight on Friday. Putting aside my frustration that she hadn’t told me before today, I am just glad she is ok. She called the doctor on Monday to let them know. 

Despite the attack, mum being as stubborn as she is still mowed her lawn on Saturday! She’s made of strong stuff that woman. 

So tomorrow is going to be a tough one. I need to go shopping for myself. I will make sure I have a list, I will eat before I go and I will avoid the alcohol aisles. That is going to be my way of shopping for a while. 

The only other thing that is going to get in my way at the moment is my time of the month. Like a lot of women my emotions are all over the place once a month. If I don’t want to eat everything in sight then I am really low and wanting to drink. If I can get past this then I can get past anything.

Nobody finds themselves in alcohol or by binge eating. Neither will I!

Day three bring it on…..

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