The Worrier in Me!

A lot of things run through my head every day but at the moment there is something in particular that keeps coming back to me. 

Since I started talking about what happened to me as a child and in my relationships as an adult I have been worried.

I started seeing Rape Crisis nearly a year ago, set up this blog site, set up the anon Twitter account and reached out when I needed to.

Through no fault of anyone but me I feel like I am a burden. I worry about what people think of me. I desperately don’t want to come across as stalkerish, clingy, needy or anything like that. The trouble is I worry that I do. 

If I do I certainly don’t mean to. 

Sometimes I wonder if I should stop everything, counselling, blogging, Twitter, chatting etc. I just don’t want to be that person that people think ‘Not her again’.

Finding people that you can talk to openly about anything is harder than anyone would ever imagine. But I did it! I guess that’s why I worry, I dont want to scare people away. 

How on earth do I stop feeling like this? It’s one worry I could do without!

I would just like to end this by saying this is not aimed at anyone. This is me trying to air my feeling and I guess hoping for help, hoping to find out is it me or is this normal!?!

2 thoughts on “The Worrier in Me!

  1. Hello!

    I just wanted to say that everything you have said here is completely normal. I’ve been out of counselling for 8 months now and I still sometimes worry that I should stop talking about my past in case it’s annoying. But the way I see it is that it *is* a part of my past, so of course I’m going to talk about it, the same as I would with any other part of my life. And once you’ve worked through more of the trauma you will naturally start to think/talk about it less anyway, cut yourself some slack whilst you’re still healing!

    It sounds like you’re doing great, keep going!

    Kate (@NotesofKate)

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    • Hi Kate, Thank you so much for your reply and advice. I have to say I am dreading the end of my counselling. Thankfully it isn’t near yet. I don’t have and end date so that makes me feel better.

      You are right, it is part of my life. I just worry about scaring good people away.

      I guess that’s in my mind not theirs.

      Thank you I will try to cut myself some slack. Things are starting to take a turn. I just didn’t expect all of the different feelings. One day at a time!

      Thank you Kate xx


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