The A to Z of Skateboarding by Tony Hawks

The A to Z of Skateboarding by Tony Hawks

When Anne Cater sent the email for The A to Z of Skateboarding I have to say I was very curious to see what Tony Hawks had to say about skateboarding. Read on to find out what I thought.

Thank you Anne for the opportunity and thank you so much to Tony Hawks and Unbound for the copy of The A to Z of Skateboarding.

The Back of the Book

For more than twenty years, Tony Hawks has been mistaken for Tony Hawk, the American skateboarder. Even though it is abundantly clear on his website that he is an English comedian and author, people still write to him asking the best way to do a kickflip or land a melon.

One mischievous day he started writing back in a pompous tone, goading his correspondents for their spelling mistakes and poor grammar, while offering bogus or downright silly advice on how to improve their skateboarding.

Featuring entries on parents’ pain, disappointment, underachievers, Quorn and the Vatican, this his A to Z guide to the world of skateboarding, as seen through the eyes of someone who knows absolutely nothing about it.

My Thoughts

I did a little skateboarding as a child and have the scars to prove it so I understand A, E and F.

The A to Z of Skateboarding is very witty and a great way to make a point. It certainly amused me and had me wondering why so many people have made the same mistake for such a long time.

Tony Hawks style of writing and how the chapters are presented is perfect. Not too long and to the point with examples of emails that will have you laughing. I especially like the challenge of trying to read the emails which were sent in what some refer to as texting language. I have to say those are the bits that I giggled at as well……..memories!

If you fancy a giggle this is the book for you.

The A to Z of Skateboarding was published on 13th June 2019 by Unbound. Buy your copy here.

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