This Queer Angel by Elaine M. Chambers

This Queer Angel by Elaine M. Chambers

When I received the email from Anne Cater about This Queer Angel I jumped at the chance even saying to Anne “This is of particular interest to me, being a gay woman.” hoping I wouldn’t miss out.

Having the opportunity to read and review Elaine Chambers life story has been a pleasure. Thank you Elaine for having the courage to put all of the events into This Queer Angel, thank you to Unbound for publishing it and last but not least thank you to Anne Cater for giving me this opportunity by choosing this lesbian to write a review.

The Back of the book

A revealing memoir, laying open the cruel truth behind the longstanding ban on LGBT+ personnel serving openly in H.M. Forces.

Discover the human cost of being deemed a criminal in the institutions protecting fellow citizens’ hard-won freedoms.

The first book covering recent military history, written from a lesbian perspective.

My Thoughts

When I first read the back of the book it made me angry. I am a lesbian and unfortunately have had my share of prejudice over the years. However, This Queer Angel is something completely different. Despite their sexuality and the ban on LGBT+ people serving openly in H.M. Forces they were willing to put their lives at risk in more ways than most to protect us!!

I honestly don’t know where to start but here goes….

This Queer Angel has taken me through so many emotions I feel a little lost but also found. Reading Elaine Chambers early stories of growing up unsure about her sexuality and the way she dealt with that rang so many bells. Often we hear the ‘coming out’ stories but we don’t hear of their struggle to get there. It has been so refreshing to read.

I was not shocked in any way about some of the events throughout her life having lived some similar situations myself but what shocked me was the blatant homophobia in H.M. Forces. Maybe it is naive of me to say? I had no idea what it would have been like for anyone. Shock is one word for it, absolutely disgusted are others!

I know it was a different time but who in their right mind thinks they have the right to tell people that they cannot live their lives as they wish and be open with their sexuality. Yes this made me so angry but I feel enlightened having read about it.

Elaine Chambers writes in such a way that you are intrigued to know what on earth is coming next and how on earth does anyone get through this. It seems to me that Elaine and so many others in the Forces suffered extreme prejudice at the hands of an archaic regime which thankfully they went on to fight and won.

Without people like Elaine we LGBT+ ladies and gents would not have been able to live life as free as we do today compared to only 30 years ago.

Elaine, finding yourself and being brave enough to fight the system then go on to right this book is beyond a massive achievement and I personally am very proud of you.

Keep fighting!!

Do not miss out on This Queer Angel. There is something in it for everyone.

This Queer Angel by Elaine M. Chambers was published on 7 March 2019 by Unbound. Buy your copy here.

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