Unbroken by Madeleine Black

Unbroken is a memoir by Madeleine Black telling her story of being savagely gang raped at 13 years old and her journey fighting through the trauma, finding her voice and getting her best revenge.

Madeleine decided that all the details would be included in Unbroken. I personally think that she made the right decision as readers will find out the reality of rape and emotional and physical responses. There is an author’s note at the beginning of the chapter giving the detailed account of the gang rape. This gives the reader the option to skip to the next chapter if they wish.

Personally, I have read Unbroken three times now. I read the whole book twice and skipped that chapter once.

I love that Madeleine explains the different types of therapy that she had and the things that she did to live her life and get her best revenge.

Unbroken takes you through every emotion you can imagine. I found I was holding back tears, feeling angry, in shock and then feelings of relief, happiness and pride. Knowing that Madeleine has come out the other side of every traumatic experience she has had makes her not only an inspiration to me but no doubt to so many others too.

I recommend Unbroken to everyone. Madeleine’s story raises awareness about rape and how it can affect people years even decades after the assault(s).

Thank you, Madeleine, for being so brave, finding your voice and sharing your journey. Your story will help so many people.

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