the lion tamer who lost by Louise Beech

This book tells the story of two men their promises and wishes and the events which change theirs and their families lives forever.

The ups and downs throughout their lives will have you laughing, gasping in shock and crying. To say this story is emotive is an understatement.

The way Louise Beech has written this story spiked my imagination. I soon found myself picturing the characters and their surroundings. I felt like I was there with them.

Ben was my favourite character as I could relate to some of the things he goes through. It brought back my own memories and reminded me of times in my life that I hadn’t thought of for some time. He reminds me of myself in some ways and how I dealt with certain aspects of my life.

It all seemed so real as though I was reading a true story rather than fiction. I would like to say I had a favourite part in this book but I have to say the entire book is my favourite part. I found it so difficult to put down.

I was feeling exhausted when I had finished because there was so much going on – the excitement, sadness, laughter and tears had worn me out.

Readers I urge you to have tissues nearby! This is a must read…..

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