My Reading and Writing Challenges

My Reading Challenge

Reading for me has always been a taboo subject and to some extent still is.

I have always been a slow reader especially when I read aloud. This is still something I struggle with and am afraid to admit to some people through fear of appearing stupid.

I remember one day when I was at middle school a teacher asked me to read part of a book aloud in front of my class mates. This wasn’t done to single me out as she was going around the class asking the same of others.

However, because of my fear of sounding stupid I refused to read aloud, got upset and left the class.

Still to this day when I am in a situation where someone has asked me to read something, whether aloud or to myself whilst they are waiting, I rush through and don’t read properly. I fear still that if I read at my own pace I would seem stupid.

I am trying to improve the speed of my reading by setting myself a challenge to read at least one book a month. Once I have finished each book I will write a review.

Please feel free to visit my site any time to read the reviews/blogs

My Writing Challenge

My school life has been thwart with many episodes of bullying for one reason or another. Some people saw me as a target because I am a twin, some because they thought they could and others bullied me because of ‘rumours’ that I “f**ked” a boy at my school. What they didnt know was that I was sexually assaulted (see “My Story”).

The bullying had a massive impact on my education and as a result, not surprisingly, I didn’t like school and didn’t pay attention some of the time. My teachers used to write in my reports that I was a day dreamer. I remember doing this a lot.

As a result my English language etc. isn’t as good as I would like it to be. However, I am always open to learning. This is where you guys come in if you are happy to help.

I would be so grateful if you would leave comments/email me if you see any of the following areas where I can improve on my site:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • General writing etiquette etc

I am always happy to see where I can improve and learn. Writing the book reviews will be my writing challenge.

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